St John 12: 24-26

When Jesus says “unless grain a wheat falls on the ground and dies, it remains only a single grain, but if it dies, it yields a great harvest”, Jesus is identifying himself with this action. Jesus is the grain of wheat that must die, to produce the fruit of eternal life. As a planted seed … [Read more…]

Feast of St Lawrence

Little is known about St Lawrence but his martyrdom made a deep and lasting impression on the early church that the celebration of his feast spread quickly. He was the deacon of St Pope Sixtus II who was martyred a few days before St Lawrence in the year 258 during the persecution of the Emperor … [Read more…]

Pope Francis on what true Faith means

“At that moment, Jesus’ word of reassurance, which was like an outstretched rope to cling to in the face of the hostile and turbulent waters, was not enough for Peter. This is what can happen to us as well. When one does not cling to the Word of the Lord to feel secure, but consults horoscopes and … [Read more…]

Matthew 14: 22-33

After the feeding of the five thousand and the crowds are sent away, Jesus goes off to a lonely place to pray and the Apostles go into a boat to cross the Lake of Gennesaret. Storms were frequent on the lake which would cause enormous waves that could swamp the boat. Jesus has a hectic … [Read more…]

Memorial of St Dominic

Today is the Memorial of St Dominic. He was born in Caleruega, Old Castille, Spain in 1170. His family were of noble birth. He studied the arts and theology for six years in Palencia. In 1191 while studying there was a terrible famine in Spain that left many people starving and homeless. Dominic sold everything … [Read more…]

Weekly bulletin 9th August 2020

Collections: 2nd August   Collection Gift Aid:             £155.00     Non- Gift Aid: £185.00 Gift Aid Building Fund:      £205.00     Non- Gift Aid: £205.00 St Anthony’s:                      £10.00        Monthly Standing Orders: £1677   Weekend Masses: Saturdays @ 4pm and Sundays @ 8.30am (until further notice.) & Weekday Masses: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 10am. The Church will be … [Read more…]

Archbishop calls for Ethical vaccine for Covid

  Article taken from (accessed on 6/8/20) Bishop Joseph E. Strickland, the Bishop of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. U.S.A has called for Christians to reject vaccines that are developed using aborted baby body parts. Concerns about unethically produced vaccines are growing again amid talk about the availability of a coronavirus vaccine in the … [Read more…]

St Matthew 16: 24-28

Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and has just predicted his own passion and death. St Peter remonstrates with Jesus about this and Jesus says “get behind me satan”, as St Peter is acting and thinking in complete contrast to the will of Jesus and God, the Father. Jesus calls us to renounce ourselves, … [Read more…]

Pope Benedict XVI on Christ’s Transfiguration

“When one has the grace to sense a strong experience of God, it is as though seeing something similar to what the disciples experienced during the Transfiguration: For a moment they experienced ahead of time something that will constitute the happiness of paradise. In general, it is brief experiences that God grants on occasions, especially … [Read more…]

Feast of the Transfiguration

The story of the Transfiguration appears in all three Synoptic Gospels (St Mark, St Matthew, St Luke) The Gospel story is read twice during the Liturgical year on the 2nd Sunday of Lent and on today’s Feast day. The revelation of the Transfiguration occurs shortly after St Peter’s profession of faith, that Jesus is the … [Read more…]