Vote for Both Lives

You may have heard that we have launched our 2021 Welsh election campaign – Vote For Both Lives – a major initiative that we will run throughout Wales, over the next two weeks, in the lead up to the Welsh election on the 6th of May.


The main goal of the campaign is to get as many people as possible to ask their MS candidates to sign the Both Lives Pledge. The Both Lives Pledge outlines three policy changes that are designed to increase protection for babies in the womb, end pregnancy discrimination for women and stop DIY abortions – policies that will save lives by protecting and supporting both mother and child.


There is strong pressure from the abortion lobby to permanently allow DIY abortion in Wales. The upcoming elections in Wales are therefore all the more vital when it comes to life issues.


Right To Life UK has set up an easy-to-use tool that members of the public can use to contact their local candidates, asking them to sign the pledge. This tool can be accessed here.


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