Majority of GPs oppose DIY abortion

Dear SPUC supporter,

A few weeks ago, we released the results of polls in England and Scotlandshowing massive concern among the public about DIY home abortions.

GPs concerned

Now we can tell you that not only are the public concerned about this policy – there is also huge disquiet among medical professionals. A new opinion poll has found that a majority of GPs are concerned about the policy generally, and a staggering 86% are concerned about women being coerced into abortion under the telemedicine system.

The Mail on Sunday covered these findings with the headline “GPs voice fears over ‘pills by post’ abortions: New NHS service could see more vulnerable women pressured by abusive partners into having terminations, warn doctors.”

You can see the full results of an opinion poll, which was commissioned by SPUC and Christian Concern, and conducted by the professional company SavantaComRes here.

Abortions over the limit

Some of the findings are:

  • The majority of GPs (57%) say they are concerned about women having a medical abortion at home after a phone or video consultation with a doctor.
  • More than eight in ten GPs (86%) say they are concerned about women having a medical abortion past the legal limit of ten weeks into gestation.
  • More than eight in ten GPs (87%) say they are concerned about women being at risk of unwanted abortion arising from domestic abuse by partners controlling or monitoring their actions with a telemedicine abortion appointment where the doctor has not seen the woman in person

Spread the word

We must use these poll results to raise more awareness of the concerns around DIY abortions.

Two actions which will really help are:

  1. Please write to your MP to let him/her know that GPs in England share your concerns about DIY abortion. Ask your MP to call for DIY abortion to end immediately.
  2. Please write to your local newspaper(s). Local newspapers are still widely read and are a useful way of reaching people with the pro-life message.  A sample letter to email to your local paper(s) can be foundhere.

Thank you for all you do to protect unborn babies and their mothers from abortion.

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