E bulletin 6th Sunday Year B

St Thomas the Apostle: Collections:               St John the Evangelist: Collections

First GA £50.00. NGA £70.00                             First GA £270.00        NGA:      £101.41

Monthly Standing Orders: £1,677.                     Monthly Standing Orders: £3.200.

Sick & Retired Priests GA £65.00                      Justice & Peace GA £2.85

200 Club: £150.00                                               Monthly Building Fund GA £19.55 NGA £5.00

Monthly Building Fund GA £70.00                    Sick & Retired P GA £45.00


SPRED Special Second Collection – 14 February 2021: Our Paisley Diocese SPRED offers people with learning disabilities: a personal friend who takes time to share life and faith, spiritual nurture in a small community of faith; and a sense of belonging to a parish community.  Twenty-one SPRED groups meet in our church halls and special needs schools, allowing two hundred parishioners to come together in faith and friendship to share and experience God’s love.  Sadly, our groups have not been able to meet in the past year due to the pandemic. Paisley SPRED supports three employees.  In 2018 SPRED merged with the Diocese bringing in one-off restricted reserves of £95,492. Our SPRED boxes and Friends Campaign raised an additional £20,834 bringing the total income to £116,326. The Diocese also contributed £44,131 from our General Fund (pre-merger) and Papal & Episcopal Funds. With our expenditure of £72,221, SPRED restricted reserves ended the year at £88,235.

Parish Finances: Our Parish income has been greatly affected this last year. The Parish and Diocese are dependent on your weekly donations to enable bills to be paid, to make repairs and maintain our church properties, as well as supporting the clergy and the ongoing pastoral work of our Parish and the Diocese. We calculate the potential loss of weekly income for St John Barrhead is around £2,892 per week. This equates to £12,532 over the next month with no/restricted numbers at public masses. St Thomas is £600 per week and so £2,800 over the next month.

You may wish to consider a Standing Order to be paid directly to the parish account (weekly/monthly). You can download the form from the Parish websites or one can be posted to you. Thank you to all those who have recently moved to Standing Order so as to be able to support our finances regularly.  Another way of helping the parish is by gift aiding your donations. If you are a tax payer Gift Aid increases your donation by 25%. Your Gift Aid donation would be worth 25p more for every £1 donated. You can also donate to our Parish is by using MyGivingHub from PayaCharity. The Diocese of Paisley have set up this facility so that any donations you make can be allocated directly to our own Parish. You can access this via our Parish Websites or through Diocesan website. Thank you once again for your generous response.

Ash Wednesday: Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday the 17th of February, a day of Fasting + 16 and Abstinence +14(from meat). Fasting consists of one full meal per day, with two smaller meals that do not add up to a full meal, and no snacks. Those who have chronic illness, pregnant/nursing babies are exempt from fasting.

New Parish Council: Our New Parish Council have accepted their nominations, which were received during Advent. There are as follows Carmen Cassidy, Allana Connelly, Stephanie Barrett, Patsy Carlin, Lee Martin, Gerry Byrne, Stephen Callaghan, Peter Strain.


Finance & Fabric Committee: Kevin Brown, John Thomson, Phil Crampsie, Marion Carlton, Maureen Smith. Meetings will be set up soon via Zoom.


Dial a Mass: For those who have no Internet access, you can listen to Mass each day on a free line 0141 473 4869. (Fr Jonathan on Thursdays/Fr Joe on Fridays)

Funerals this week (St Johns) @ 10.00am               Funerals week beginning 22nd February (St Johns)                               Tues 16thFeb:   Andrew Mc Cappin                                   Tues 23rd: Robert Stewart

Thurs 18th Feb: James Christopher Taylor                      Wed 24th: Helen Coffield

Fri 19th Feb:      Margaret Mc Cool                                   Fri    26th:  Jane Ronald

Fri 19th Feb:      Alex Coubrough (Woodside 12 Noon) Sat 27th:    George Logue

Sat 20th Feb:     Theresa Jones.

SCIAF Lenten Appeal: To contribute to SCIAF this year, you can do so by either sending a cheque to SCIAF, 7 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2PR or donating securely via their website www.sciaf.org.uk  We will not be accepting monies/coins at the Church house as Fr Joe/Jonathan have not the time to sit and count monies and secondly  money can transmit disease causing strains of bacteria or viruses.

Months Mind Mass for Canon Healy

Tuesday 16th February marks the one month’s mind of Canon Brendan Healy. Bishop John Keenan will celebrate Mass for the repose of Canon Healy’s soul at 10am in St Mirin’s Cathedral. You are warmly invited to participate spiritually in this Mass by watching the livestream, which can be found on the cathedral’s Facebook page, or by clicking the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKesnTNWowA


Church services during lockdown

Holy Mass:      Live-stream daily @ 10am (Sun also @ 11.30am)

Adoration:      Live-stream daily @ 9am

Rosary:            Livestream daily @ 9.30am

Divine Mercy: Livestream Fridays @3pm

Think Vocations – 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 14th February 2021: Jesus heals a leper because of his compassion and his desire to heal him. Could your compassion for people and desire to share Christ’s healing love with them lead you to give yourself to them as a priest, deacon or in a religious community? Speak to Fr. John Morrison on 01418895056 0r e-mail [email protected]

Adult Education Talks: You are invited to our next talk on Monday 15th February at 6.30pm on The Dignity of the Human Person by Fr. Matthew Carlin. Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Passcode: 886983


Monthly Online Theology Thursdays (5.00-6.00pm)

Theology Thursdays is a programme of seminars aimed at non-experts and beginners. Each seminar has a theological focus, lasts for one hour and is taught by an expert in the field. It may be of interest to teacher educators, teachers, parents, catechists, students and senior school pupils. They begin on the 25THFebruary: ‘Will the Sacraments change my life?’ Integrating the sacramental and moral dimensions of Christian living (Fr Martin Delaney) 25th March: Forming intentional disciples in our Catholic schools (Mary O’Duffin) 9th April: Reading St Mark. The Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (Fr Andrew Garden) 20th May: Holy Disobedience. Catholic Political Witness and Resistance (Anna Blackman) . To book your place and receive the ZOOM link, please email: [email protected]

Please pray for those who have died recently especially: Helen Coffield, Alexander Coubrough, Theresa Jones, George Logue, Andrew Mc Cappin, Margaret Mc Cool, Jane Ronald, Robert Stewart, James Christopher Taylor Anniversaries of John & Rena Heldon, William Kelly, Tommy Leckie, Larraine Lee, Brian Mc Bride, James Mc Laughlin, Marjorie Morrison.


Can we remind everyone that notices for the E-Bulletin should be handed in by 7pm on Thursdays and that all Anniversaries handed in, should be for the forthcoming weekend. This avoids notices being lost/misplaced if the Anniversary is not intended for that immediate weekend but another beyond the immediate weekend.




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