E Bulletin Fourth Sunday Year B

                                            Fourth Sunday Year B:  31st  January 2021


St Thomas the Apostle: Collections:               St John the Evangelist: Collections

First GA £20.00                                                    First GA £292.00        NGA:      £125.00

Monthly Standing Orders: £1,677.                   Monthly Standing Orders:      £2,823.

200 Club: £420.                                                    Building Fund GA £20.00

Justice& Peace GA £20.00                                  Sick & Retired P GA £11.40

Building Fund GA £57.00                                    Sick & Retired P NGA £31.00

Sick & Retired Priests GA £72.00


Funerals week this (St Johns) @ 10.00am

Mon 1st Feb: Catherine (Rena) Owens

Wed 3rd Feb: Mary Mc Neilage

Fri 5th       Feb:  Jane Mc Lelland


Church services during lockdown

Holy Mass:      Live-stream daily @ 10am (Sun also @ 11.30am)

Adoration:      Live-stream daily @ 9am

Rosary:            Livestream daily @ 9.30am

Divine Mercy: Livestream Fridays @3pm

Online Marriage Counselling available during Covid 19 Crisis

Our diocese has a Counselling Service for Catholics Married in the Catholic Church with our dedicated Catholic Marriage Counsellor.  If you are concerned about your relationship and feel you are both unable to reach a conclusion alone, it is likely that you will benefit from marriage counselling.  The counsellor is there to maintain a neutral, non-judgmental position. For information or advice please email in confidence [email protected]



Think Vocation: “His teaching made a deep impression on them because he taught them with authority.” Could you share in Jesus’ teaching authority as a priest, deacon or in consecrated life? Why not speak to our Diocesan Vocations Director, Fr. John Morrison e-mail: [email protected] or tel: 01418895056


World Leprosy Day

This Sunday is World Leprosy Day – Please pray for the Leprosy Mission Scotland and the Global fellowship Worldwide. As a community we are determined to finish what Jesus started by eradicating leprosy one person at a time.


Craig Lodge, Dalmally, Mission House for Young Adults

Craig Lodge Community is offering a new opportunity to young Catholics on how to live a life of mission. Craig Lodge Mission House is a nine-month residential programme for any young adult between the ages of 18-30 who desires to become a passionate lover of Jesus and become Spirit-filled evangelisers for the renewal of the Church,” (Pope Francis). Community, prayer and studying of the Catholic faith and learning to proclaim the Good News to others”.  The mission house will begin in September 2021 and applications are now being accepted. Visit the Craig Lodge website for more details.   www.craiglodge.org/missionhouse


Dial a Mass: For those who have no Internet access, you can listen to Mass each day on a free line 0141 473 4869.

100 Club Winners November: One Winner E. Watson No 60 (£140)) has still to collect her winnings. You can collect them from the Church House (socially distanced and with face mask).

Beware Phone Scam about Vaccines

If you receive the following message on your phone it is a scam.  We advise you to delete it.  NHS: We identify that you are eligible to apply for you vaccine. For more information and to apply, follow here:  uk-application-form.com   If you click on the link mentioned it then asks for your bank account number, sort code and your bank card number.  This is a scam.

Community Circle of Prayer: Every Friday evening people gather on line at 7pm for The Community Circle of Prayer. This half hour event simply consists of a little music, some readings and the opportunity to share our prayer petitions and support others in theirs. Why, not spend half an hour with us this Friday in community and fellowship?  To join please use the Zoom link https://zoom.us/j/8510142970?pwd=UUtVa2ZhOFUxa2NSZmJCckZOek0rUT09                                    200 Club St Thomas: Forms have been sent to all previous members. Please return as soon as possible so that we can begin the First Draw in February. Thank you to all those who have already forwarded their monies.

Year of St Joseph: Pope Francis on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (8th December), with great joy proclaimed the Year of St Joseph to mark the 150th year of the Solemn Declaration by Pope Pius IX of St Joseph as Patron of the Universal Catholic Church. This will conclude on the 8th December 2021.

St Peter Julian Eymard said “Devotion, to St Joseph is one of the choicest graces that God can give a soul, for it is tantamount to revealing the entire treasury of our Lord’s graces. When God wishes to raise a soul to greater heights, he unites it to St Joseph by giving it a strong love for the good Saint”. Please go to the Parish websites/facebook for Prayers to St Joseph.

Parish Finances: At this time when we have limited access to the Church and have no public services our Parish income is greatly affected. The Parish and Diocese are dependent on your weekly donations to enable bills to be paid, to make repairs and maintain our church properties, as well as supporting the clergy and the ongoing pastoral work of our Parish and the Diocese. Please continue to support St Johns/St Thomas and the Diocese of Paisley at this difficult time. You may wish to consider a Standing Order to be paid directly to the parish account (weekly/monthly). You can download the form from the Parish websites or one can be posted to you. Thank you to all those who have recently moved to Standing Order so as to be able to support our finances regularly. Another way of helping the parish is by gift aiding your donations. If you are a tax payer Gift Aid increases your donation by 25%, your Gift Aid donation would be worth 25p more for every £1 donated.

Please pray for those who have died recently especially: Alexander Coubrough, Billy Hence, Rosina Iannaccone, Marina Mc Bride, Andrew Mc Cappin, Jane Mc Lelland, Mary Mc Neilage, Francesco Ortaggio, Catherine Owens, James Christopher Taylor and the Anniversaries of Allistair Ball, John Brady Snr & Jnr, Ian Burnett, Maria Crolla, Betty Donegan, Peter Hilgers Lafferty Snr & Jnr, Bridget Mc Gowan, Annie & John Mc Gowan, Moira Mc Neil, Jimmy Maguire, Jennifer Mowat. Mona Pinto, Martha Stirling.



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