Dear SPUC supporter, ,

Little Pippa Knight is five years old.

She has been seriously ill in hospital for two years. Doctors want to turn off her life support. Pippa’s mum, Paula, wants to care for her at home. Two doctors say this is worth a try.

SPUC is raising money to fund a court battle to save Pippa. Winning this case is vital not only for Pippa, but to uphold every vulnerable life threatened in this way.

We have heard today that a date for the case to be heard by the Court of Appeal has been fixed for Tuesday February 9.

This is an unbelievably difficult time for Paula. Please send Paula a personal message to help her through this ordeal to save her child.

You can send your message here.

Paula is so grateful for your support. She said: “I’m grateful not just for the financial support, but for the prayers of SPUC supporters for Pippa, their faith and humanity and for trying to save her with prayers and love.”

Please send a message of support to Paula now.

With best wishes

John Deighan
Deputy CEO and incoming CEO

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