Message from SPUC

Dear SPUC supporter,

Poland stands alone in the Western world as a country prepared to uphold the right of life of the weakest and most vulnerable of her citizens; unborn disabled babies. Poland’s constitutional court has found that it is contrary to their constitution to abort babies solely because they have a disability.

A beacon of truth Poland is right to oppose the tyranny of abortion. She is a beacon of truth about human life. The extreme protests which have erupted in Poland and around the world show us that the most reviled section of humanity are defenceless unborn babies who have a disability.

The thousands of rabid protestors are proclaiming a eugenic message: If you’re disabled you mustn’t be allowed to live. Have, we learnt nothing from history in the last 75 years? The Polish Government needs to stand firm against this tidal wave of hate against unborn babies.
Message to the Polish Government

Please your name to a pro-life message to the Polish Government. Go to

We need pro-life solidarity in the face of this hysterical reaction to a proposal that would let give disabled babies a chance to live. Please sign the message.
With heartfelt thanks,
John Deighan
Deputy CEO and incoming CEO

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