Message from SPUC

Today marks fifty-three years since the passing of the Abortion Act on 27 October 1967. Since then, more than nine and a half million babies have lost their lives to abortion. Countless mothers have suffered.

Today, we pause to mourn and remember those impacted by abortion. Please spend some time in prayer, or take a minute in silence to remember.

We also use this anniversary to reflect on the challenges we are facing, and to recommit ourselves to abolishing the evil of abortion. 2020 has seen some of the worst expansions in abortion practice since 1967, with abortion being officially imposed on Northern Ireland, and the deadly DIY abortion scheme coming in at the beginning of lockdown.

The challenges we face are very great. But we know what we have science, and the truth, on our side. The pro-life position is very simple. Life begins at conception, and every human life is valuable and worthy of protection. We will continue to proclaim these facts, and to stand up for unborn babies and their mothers.

Despite the restrictions in place at this time, SPUC members up and down the country have been holding pro-life chains to mark the passing of the Abortion Act. The public has seen pro-life chains in Dundee, Plymouth, Middlesbrough, Northampton, Reading, Altrincham, Salisbury, Ashton under Lyne and Peterborough to name but some. I want to thank you, our supporters, who have courageously and constantly taken part in these and other pro-life activities. Your dedication and commitment in this last year has been incredible.

As I prepare to take on the privilege of running the Society when I take over from John Smeaton next autumn, it is this dedication and courage from our members that inspires me in the fight for the unborn.


John Deighan




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