E bulletin (11/10/20)

Collections: 4th October


Collection Gift Aid:                    £125.00       Non- Gift Aid: £170.90

Gift Aid Building Fund:              £264.00       Non- Gift Aid Building Fund £19.00

Sick & Retired Priests Gift Aid:  £40.00              Peters Pence £181.10

Monthly Standing Orders:         £1,670.00


Second Collection: 18th October – Missio Scotland

Please note there will be a second collection on 18th October for Missio Scotland.  Missio Scotland is the Scottish branch of the Catholic Church’s mission aid agency.  This enables missionaries to help communities in need through grassroots projects.  They build and maintain hospitals, schools and seminaries, care for people in need and act for justice in the developing world, regardless of race, stigma, religion or gender.   In 2018 this collection raised £27,557 which is fully remitted to Missio Scotland. To date for 2019 you have raised £30,705.

Missio Scotland in conjunction with the various National Offices of the Pontifical Mission Societies throughout the world have today launched our #WeAreStillHere initiative, which aims to not only shine a light on our missionaries who have continued to serve in the mission countries and territories in which they work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to encourage both prayers and generosity for their work, especially as we head towards World Mission Sunday on October 18. The press release regarding the initiative can be found here:




St Thomas’ Finances

The Diocesan Finance department has calculated that due to the restriction of numbers at Mass the potential loss of weekly income at St Thomas is £668 and £2,895 monthly. It is important that although we might not be at Mass weekly, we still give our weekly donation to support the parish and priests. We are obliged by justice to contribute to the Mission of the Church. There are buckets marked First and Second Collection in the porch and you can also hand in your donations to the Church house. Thank you to all those who have continued to donate generously over these last few months. By Gift aiding, (if you pay Tax) you can generate more funds for the parish and may I also encourage more of you to perhaps donate by Standing Order and this allows the priests to focus more on Pastoral work than doing administration work.


October Month of the Rosary

Please join in the October Rosary Whirlwind of the British Isles.  You can join in: Daily 8.00pm Online Rosary around Britain (Bishop John will lead from our Cathedral on Sundays); the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima Whirlwind Rosary Day on Tuesday 13 October; the Halloween 9.00am-9.00pm Rosary Rally around the Dioceses of Britain; and the All Saint and All Souls Thanksgiving Online Rosaries at 8.00pm. For all the details go to www.rosaryonthecoast.co.uk  ‘One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.’ Saint Dominic.


Booking system for attending Mass: Due to the two-metre social distancing restriction, our Church capacity is 27 people. Everyone therefore, will have to book to attend Mass.

Praying for you requests: https://rcdop.org.uk/prayingforyou

Annual St. Conval’s Cemetery Mass Sunday 1 November 2.00pm: Bishop John will celebrate the Annual Cemetery Mass as usual this year but according to the Government’s infection control guidelines which limit numbers to 200 for outside ceremonies, seating and socially distanced.  We would ask as many of those attending to endeavour to come in cars and remain in them for the duration of the Mass.  A small number of outside seating will be available.  Mass will be a ticked event and if you would like to book a place please go to our Eventbrite site. Please bring your ticket to the Mass.


Publication of In God’s Image v.2:‘In God’s Image’ – the document which is an ‘Instruction on Safeguarding’ from the Bishops of Scotland to all Catholic jurisdictions in Scotland – was published in March 2018 initially for a three-year period. The Bishops are now preparing for the publication of version 2 of this document to reflect any significant Safeguarding developments that have occurred since first publication. The intended publication date is June 2021. Until then, ‘In God’s Image’ V1 will remain valid.


The Bishops are seeking views from all interested groups and individuals on any changes they would propose to the current text in the light of their experience. This invitation extends to dioceses, parishes, religious congregations, organisations, to clergy and laypeople, to professional Safeguarding staff and volunteers, to those in Scotland and beyond, to those in other churches or faith groups and to all who are interested in keeping children and vulnerable adults safe in every Church environment. Above all, the Bishops are keen to hear from survivors or victims of abuse so that the Church can learn from past mistakes and plan to ensure appropriate and sensitive responses to all allegations and concerns. If you wish to offer any suggestions for changes to the current text of ‘In God’s Image’, please use this form https://bit.ly/3cuTsnP.

  1. The closing date for submission of comments is 30th November 2020.

Community Circle of Prayer: Every Friday evening people gather on line at 7pm for The Community Circle of Prayer. This half hour event simply consists of a little music, some readings and the opportunity to share our prayer petitions and support others in theirs. Each week there is a different broad theme; we have explored The Call to Discipleship, Care of our Sick, Forgiveness, Guardian Angels, The Faithful Departed, The Way of the Cross to name but a few. Last week was our 6 month anniversary! Why not spend half an hour with us this Friday in community and fellowship? You would be most welcome! To join please use the Zoom link below https://zoom.us/j/8510142970?pwd=UUtVa2ZhOFUxa2NSZmJCckZOek0rUT09  Just click and you are in! All Welcome from wherever you are.

Children’s Liturgy Zoom Day for Advent Preparation: There will be a zoom meeting for all those involved in Children’s Liturgy on Saturday 24th October, 2020 from 11am- 1.00pm. The zoom link has been triple checked this time! Apologies for it not working last time.

The meeting on the 24th October will look at the Season of Advent. There will be a talk about online resources to use, an input on the Sunday readings for Advent, and some background and information on the Advent wreath, Jesse Tree and other advent symbols. The link below WILL take you to the meeting on the 24th October. No need to register, just sign into Zoom using the information below. Click on the link which will take you straight to the meeting. Any questions, contact Fr Paul Brady [email protected], or 01505320198

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 724 746 6974


Letter from Bishops Conference – Covid-19: The Covid-19 Pandemic has presented the Church with unprecedented challenges. It has brought about the temporary closure of parish churches and, following the resumption of public worship, the introduction of rigorous health and safety measures to prevent transmission of the virus.

Since the resumption of public worship our parishes have been meticulous in controlling infection to ensure the safety of all those who cross the threshold of a Catholic church. The tireless work and cooperation of priests, parishioners and volunteers whose extraordinary efforts have ensured that Catholic churches are among the safest places for people to attend in the midst of this Pandemic, has been commendable.

We are now at a fragile point. The rate of Covid-19 infections appears to be on the rise and public anxiety is increasing. At this critical moment, Scotland’s bishops have written to all our parishes urging that they redouble their efforts to reduce the risk of transmission and ensure that we all adhere to the infection control measures that we have put in place.

Our discussions with the Scottish Government assure us that they are aware of our excellent protocols and trust us to see to our public worship and parish life with the discretion of good citizens and partners. Although no evidence has emerged of cases or clusters connected to our churches, we are not blasé and continue to assure the Government that we employ discretion and caution in full cooperation with the intentions of their advice.

On that basis, we have every confidence that, if parishes continue their high standards of infection control, then public worship and parish life can carry on and we will continue to be able to attend to the spiritual welfare of the nation.

Among the many terrible effects of this pandemic is a surge in cases of depression, hopelessness and suicide. The loss of normality in all its facets has left many feeling bereft and desolate, in need of spiritual solace, like never before. From long experience of plagues and disasters, the Church knows how the want of prayer and faith can do great harm to the spiritual wellbeing of our nations, and how our public worship – owed to God – can bring His special divine assistance in times of national trouble.

It is in times of greatest peril that we need the spiritual comfort of public worship most, now, more than ever, our church doors need to be open, so that worshipping in safety can continue. If we can safely visit a supermarket to feed our bodies, we can safely visit a church to feed our souls.


Rena Mooney

John Cleary

John McGuire

Frank Gallagher


200 Club winners for Sep

John O’Donnell – 140 – £50

John Mooney – 82 – £25


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