Feast of St Michael, St Gabriel & St Raphael

Each of these Archangels carries out a different mission in Holy Scripture. St Michael protects and he appears in Daniel’s vision as the great prince who defends Israel against its enemies and in the Book of the Revelation as he leads God’s army of angels against lucifer and the fallen angels and they are thrown out of heaven.

St Gabriel announces. He also appears in Daniel’s visions as he announces St Michael’s role in God’s plan. He also appears to Mary as she is called to be Mother of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, as she consents to God’s will.

St Raphael guides. He appears in the Book of Tobit as he guides Tobit’s son Tobias to Sarah and assists in the healing of Tobit’s blindness and restores the family’s fortune. Through these Archangels God the Father protects, communicates and guides humanity. Only these three angels are named in Holy Scripture.

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