e bulletin (13/09/20)

Collections: 6th September

Collection Gift Aid:             £165.00     Non- Gift Aid: £102.00

Gift Aid Building Fund:       £223.00

St Anthony’s:                       £82.00       Monthly Standing Orders: £1,677

Pro-life Gift Aid:                  £45.30


Second Collection Sunday 13th September: Holy Places

This collection was due to take place in April but was cancelled due to the Covid outbreak. It is now re-scheduled for this weekend. The Holy Places of the Holy Land are the concrete, historical witness on earth of the story of our Biblical Faith and the sites our LORD lived among during His life, death and resurrection.  From there the Good News spread throughout the world.  A Christian community has remained there continually till now through trials, sacrifices and martyrdom. This Papal collection allows this community to survive as a local Church, to preserve the sacred sites of our Catholic faith and to keep the Christian message of peace and hope alive.

Weekend Masses: Saturdays @ 4pm and Sundays @ 8.30am (until further notice.) & 10.am. Weekday Masses: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 10am. The Church will be opened for Mass only and 20 minutes before Mass.

Booking system for attending Mass: Due to the two-metre social distancing restriction, our Church capacity is 27 people. Everyone therefore, will have to book to attend Mass.

Family Rosary: We will continue on Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm to pray the Rosary together in our homes for our families and parish. We especially ask Our Lady in her titles as Health of the Sick and Comforter of the Afflicted to intercede before God the Father and her Son Jesus for our intentions.

Anniversaries: We pray for those who have died recently especially James Richmond, Richard Collinson  and for the Anniversaries of Edward Balmer, Anna Mc Laughlan.

Diocesan Children’s Liturgy Day: A zoom meeting for children’s liturgy group volunteers will take place tomorrow, Saturday 12th September from 11.00am-1.00pm. There will be a series of talks about offering children’s liturgy online, more resources and ideas for your children’s liturgy meetings and an overview of the Gospel readings/ themes for the coming Sundays. Please contact Fr Paul Brady at St Margaret’s Johnstone, Tel 01505 320198 or [email protected] if you have any questions. Details of how to access the zoom meeting are  https://zoom.us/j/98109408120         Meeting ID: 981 0940 8120

Marriage Matters (www.twoinoneflesh.org.uk) Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Eccles 27:30-28:7  Rom 14:7-9  Matt 18: 21- 35)

The Call to forgive : How can I love my spouse and bring life? We are called to set aside resentment, to listen gently to our beloved, seeking understanding.  In today’s gospel the servant who is forgiven refuses to forgive the man who owes him. God forgives us everything, but are we willing to let go of the hurts we have experienced via our spouse?

Vocations Awareness Week

Sunday marks the beginning of Vocations Awareness Week, a time of prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood, Diaconate and Consecrated Life.  Ordinarily, we would celebrate our Diocesan Vocations Mass at the Cathedral and host our Vocations Conference for S6 pupils. These events are not feasible this year. We have, however, developed out usual materials for secondary schools. Focused on the theme of ‘Parable’, these invite pupils to consider God’s plan for their lives and include resources for prayer and reflection. The material is also designed to be augmented by a talk from the school chaplain. All our resources are on the SCES Website and have been sent to our schools.  Through the week there will be plentiful material on our social media channels https://sces.org.uk/vocations-awareness-week-2020-materials-for-schools/     Please remember to pray for Vocations this week.

Praying for you requests: https://rcdop.org.uk/prayingforyou

Last chance to hand in SCIAF WEE BOXES:  

SCIAF is delighted to share with you that if you still have your WEE BOX at home, there is a second chance to hand them in or to donate your WEE BOX money direct to SCIAF during September at www.sciaf.org.uk/weebox or 0141 354 5555. Thank you.

New Telephone Number for St Thomas 0141 876 1553.










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