St Alphonsus Liguori on the Glories of Mary: Mary’s Assumption

“From the moment that Mary first had the use of her reason, that is, from the moment of her Immaculate Conception in the womb of St Anne, Mary began to love God with all her strength. And she continued to do so, advancing more and more in love and perfection throughout her life. All her thought, desires and affections were for God alone. She never uttered a word, made a movement, cast a glance or drew a breath that was not directed to God and his glory. She never strayed even so much as a step from the love of God and never detached herself from him even for a single moment.

That fearless faith, that loving confidence, that unconquerable patience in the midst of so much suffering, that humility in the midst of so many prerogatives, that modesty, that meekness, that compassion for souls, that zeal for the glory of God and above all, that perfect love for God and total conformity to his will, all these surrounded her at her deathbed and spoke reassuringly. We are your works, we will not abandon you. We are all daughters of your beautiful heart. Now that you are leaving this earthly life, we will not abandon you. We will be your eternal companions to honour you in heaven, where by means of us you reign as Queen of all men and of Angels.

Finally, the assurance of salvation makes death sweet. Death is called a passage or transition, because by death we pass from a short to an eternal life. The dread of those who die uncertain of their ultimate salvation, as well as those who approach the solemn moment expecting to pass into eternal life, must be very great”.

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