Introduction to Matthew 13:44-52

Matthew 13: 44-52

This Sunday’s Gospel consists of three parables. The first two are very similar in their message. The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure and like a pearl that someone finds. The first is representative of people who unexpectedly or suddenly stumble upon the Kingdom of heaven. The second is the result of a lengthy search. However, both respond in the same manner. They recognise the true value of the Kingdom of heaven and the worth of staking all to attain it. These parables also remind us of how difficult it is to enter the Kingdom of heaven and how we have to surrender earthly attachments to gain such an inestimable treasure.

The third parable mirrors the parable of the wheat and weeds from last Sunday. Both foresee the same destiny of the wicked and unrighteous. A dragnet was normally about two metres long and was extended between two boats with a double or triple mesh. So, when it was dragged along the bottom of the sea, it collected many things besides fish. The fishermen then had to separate the fish from all the other things.

There is no ambiguity about this last parable. God and no one else, will make an eternal separation between those found to be worthy or unworthy to enter heaven eternally. Time has an end. Eternity does not. When we try to make this world and all it offers our heaven, we delude ourselves and attach ourselves to a passing world and passing things.

The Gospel of Christ, is a single unchanging truth and the treasure of the revelation of His Father and Himself. When we make Their words are own, we are already living in the expectation

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