Neilston Development Trust (NDT): Neilston Together

Neilston Development Trust (NDT): Neilston Together


Fresh meals/Food-share/need in Neilston

We are delivering once a week, a home delivered meal service.  I would be delighted with any referrals from your congregation, and/or the St Vincent De Paul, for anyone who would benefit, in these difficult times, either through isolation, health or financial difficulties a free, weekly  fresh meal treat.  We can start them from August.  It has been well received by those who have so far benefitted.


Food-share Scheme with the Coop

This will start from the beginning of August.  The plan is that we get meals, bakery, fresh fruit and veg every evening at end of sell by date.  We can store some and do “street-stall” distribution, but, again, if you know of anyone in Neilston who may welcome this support, we could potentially deliver directly to them.



They are opening the “Public Hub at Totnosh”, Main Street, next to the Pad, on Monday 3rd August, Tuesday 4th and Wednesday the 5th August from 10am -1pm. They will be using the space for signposting and outreach/community services.


Laura Carswell: 0141 561 1201/ 07753 345 314

See poster also in Church Porch

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