Volunteer Stewards

Volunteer Stewards

We are looking for volunteers to act as stewards during the opening times of the Church. The steward volunteer will greet everyone entering the Church and make sure that they are wearing a mask or face covering, which covers the mouth and nose. They will then ask the visitor to clean their hands on the sanitary gel provided and then point out to them the seating areas clearly marked. When the visitor vacates the seat, the Volunteer Steward will disinfect the seat area. All PPE will be provided by the Parish. Watch the video uploaded to further understand the role of the Steward Volunteer.

We are still looking for more Steward Volunteers. Without them we cannot open the Church. So, thank you to the 4/5 people who have volunteered so far. Those who cannot be a Volunteer Steward are anyone under 18, anyone who has underlying health conditions which require shielding and anyone who has a long-term health condition which requires the annual flu vaccination.

We should still be mindful that the over 70’s are one of the categories of people who should follow Scottish Government advice about whether or not to come to Church, as are women who are pregnant and those who receive the flu jab for medical reasons.

Please call Margaret Gillies on 07870404344 to volunteer.


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