Optional Memoria of Saints Marcellinus and Peter

Optional Memoria of Saints Marcellinus and Peter

Very little is known about these two Saints. Pope Damasus 1 was born in Ad 305 and became Pope from Ad 366 to Ad 384 and gave us some information in his Epitaph about them. Pope Damasus 1 informed the church that he had spoken to their executioner who later became a Christian.

Marcellinus was a priest and Peter an exorcist. Both were beheaded during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian in Ad 304.The Emperor Constantine who was Emperor between Ad 306 and Ad 337   would later build a Basilica in their honour over the crypt, in which they were buried. It was Constantine in the Edict of Milan Ad 313 that gave freedom of worship to Christians, giving them legal status. He also became a Christian.

Both St Marcellinus and St Peter are mentioned in the Canon of the Mass (Eucharistic Prayer 1) indicating that they were venerated in the early Church.

Saint Marcellinus and Saint Peter. Pray for us

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