Prayers of Intercession for Seventh Sunday of Easter

Below are the Prayers of Intercession that Fr Joe will pray at Mass. Perhaps you could take some time to pray these prayers over the weekend, too.

Some Prayers of Intercession for 7th Sunday of Easter
(Communications Sunday)

We pray for all those who work in media and communications that they may promote truth and accuracy in all that they do.

We pray that in this time of crisis and uncertainty, the Church can continue to communicate its message of salvation to the world.

We pray for all those who work to communicate the Church’s message to the secular world.

We pray for all those who are Sick, those who are isolated and those suffering from anxiety and mental illness. May the Risen Lord breathe his peace upon them and lift their spirits.

We pray for all Carers, all NHS Staff and for all Key Workers. We thank God for their sacrifice and service to all our communities. May the the Risen Lord shower many blessings upon them.

We pray for all those who have died recently, especially those from our own parish: Ann Miller, Ruby McCormack, Paul O’Hara, Gerard Hollywood, Bill McCann, Paul McCaffrey, Isabella Collins, Stuart Millar.

We pray for all those who have lost loved ones over the last few months. May they know, that they are very much in our prayers, as we place them before their Mother Mary, the comforter of the afflicted.

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