Acts 18:23-28

Fr Joe has written a short reflection on the reading from Mass on the Saturday after Ascension Thursday.

St Luke introduces Apollos, an Alexandrian Jew in today’s first reading. He had only experienced the Baptism of John the Baptist, baptised by water and therefore not baptised through the fire and power of the Holy Spirit. Although he was a believer, he lacked depth in some matters of the faith and Aquila with his wife Priscilla instructed him further in Jesus’s life and teachings.

Aquila and Priscilla initially had lived in Rome and left because as Jews they were expelled. They met St Paul in Corinth around Ad 50. It is unclear if he converted them or that they had been converted prior to their meeting. They became friends of St Paul and accompanied him to Ephesus as co-workers and missionaries and remained in this young Church after Paul continued on his missionary journeys to carry on their work of evangelisation.

This passage reminds us very much of our duty to encourage and to lead others more profoundly on their journey of faith. There is still a hunger for God today and still a need for our own modern day Aquillas and Priscillas who have an energy, a willingness to present their love, experience and knowledge of the risen Lord. To those who feel a little awkward or lack the confidence to do so, ask the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Aquilla and Priscilla to step out in trust, knowing that we may lack, the Holy Spirit will provide.

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