St John 16: 12-15

St John 16: 12-15

The ministry of Jesus is relatively short, if indeed, as believed, that Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified and that his public ministry began at 30 years of age. In today’s Gospel Jesus tells his disciples that he still had many things to say to them and that the Holy Spirit will assist and direct them to the complete truth. It is the Holy Spirit who counteracts the prince of this world, satan, who in contrast spreads confusion, deception, falsehoods and who disguises evil as good.

Everything the Holy Spirit does is to bring glory, honour and praise to Jesus and to the Father.  The Holy Spirit brings to light, the teachings of the Father revealed by His Son Jesus, in perfect love and obedience. We too show that same obedience and respect when we joyfully accept and proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God.


“God gives each one of us sufficient grace ever to know His holy will, and to do it fully”

St Ignatius of Loyola

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