Synod Update from Bishop Keenan

Bishop John Keenan sends this update to the faithful of our diocese.

2017 is the year for implementing our Synod and bringing to fruit the good seeds planted in our diocese by our Synod of 2016. Our Synod produced a ten point Charter for the diocese and asked us to establish diocesan structures to bring the Charter to life in Paisley.

So our Synod Steering Group made up of laity and clergy has begun to plan for us moving on, and ten task groups are concentrating on each Charter point. Feedback from our priests recommended we focus on prioritising themes to tackle straight away at parish level. They reminded us our aim is evangelisation and taking our message out to our families, work and neighbourhood.

The laity’s challenge is to be confident to carry our Catholic faith out to everyone.

Charter points are:

  • Collaborative ministry of clergy and laity working hand in hand;
  • Evangelisation and sharing the Good News from our own personal faith;
  • Formation of the laity so we know our faith and how to pass it on;
  • Welcoming parishes where everyone feels they belong and are involved;
  • Positive focus on youth by believing our young people are ‘part of the solution’;
  • Openness to all families no matter what their circumstances;
  • Outreach to the excluded especially the lapsed, the poor and the lonely;
  • Reformed diocesan structures that let our laity take on decisive responsibility;
  • Attractive Messengers who are careful with language and how we proclaim the Gospel;
  • Good Communicators who are creatively engaged with the issues of our times.

Do keep our Synod Moving On in 2017 in your prayers at Mass, especially to Our Lady of Paisley, St. Mirin and St. Margaret our Synod patrons.

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